To be an entrepreneur is not proprietary to inventing something or creating a business from scratch..

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Many of you may be asking yourselves “how am I going to climb this intimidating mountain of success?”  While this is a legitimate question, the real question is whether you possess the single most dominant attribute found in almost all of our successful self made business people. It is basically a prerequisite for entrepreneur 101 and beyond.  So what is it you ask? Less complicated than one might think. -You must believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no one better suited for the job than you. That you alone see the visions perfection, you are immersed in the vision, and most importantly you will stop at nothing to achieve your goals.-  Sounds simple in concept. Never the less, in a world of business that sees many more failures than success. And even fewer home runs at were.  You, my fiends, have elected to shoot for the stars. Congratulations and good luck.  All be it a unique circumstance, it is not impossible. It is more over a probability if not a certainty. Requiring only you learn the lessons of those who have paved the way before you, shedding light on the path to success.  In the paragraphs that follow I will attempt to give you one such experience that will undoubtedly leave you richer in knowledge for reading it. And Hopeful wealthier in the future for putting what you have learned to use.  Enjoy…..

As a young person, like most young people. I found myself looking for a simpler way to accomplish any task I encountered. Looking to free up time for more important issues, such as riding my motorcycle or listening to the latest music. Lol.  Regardless of the somewhat wasteful use of any time saved. My stories message is in reference to the vision one uses to identify an opportunity. In addition to the steps taken in executing this proposal.  My new innovative solutions began with me contemplating a more efficient way to cut the lawn. But ultimately ended up with me seeing the value of positioning. Accompanied by and more importantly, realizing  the value of product and business landscape knowledge.  It was almost immediately evident to me that those who possessed thorough knowledge in any given area of business held a valuable edge over others who did not have this information. These were the individuals that people would seek out, and asked for help. And most relevant to success, these were the chosen few who others saw fit to Invested in! This little gem would tilt the game of entrepreneurialism to my favor. Furthermore I realized you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. More simply you can find a clever way to Maneuver within the existing landscape.  If it is already being marketed efficiently. Then thru better understand this product or field. You could inevitably find opportunities by creating a new market or expand on the existing one. Specifics irrelevant, simply using this new found perspective In a fashion others may have missed or overlooked will find you success. The key point Is this. To be an entrepreneur is not proprietary to inventing something or creating a business from scratch. It can be as simple as building on an existing opportunity, with fresh perspective, new vision and ingenuity. This powerful mindset and new way of thinking outside the box allows you a perspective that always looks to improve things. Thus giving you an edge in all you do.  In today’s world of mass innovations it makes for a business landscape ripe for individuals who can see an opportunity missed. Most can only see their personal perspective and only one vision for success. To adapt and change with the obstacles and challenges is what makes for success today.
In reference, Think of Microsoft. All be it a much grander scale, this world leader in computers, decides to seize what they seen as an opportunity that others were missing. In an ultra competitive market dominated at the time by others such as Nintendo. Microsoft decided to think outside the box. The Xbox that is. Realizing the soon to be importance of the infant giant coming of age, the Internet. And the need for a control unit to navigate this new world. As you all know now they are a market leader. Allowing their foresight to put them in position to dominate. Not with a better product.  Being as the Sony device is superior in some ways. Never the less, this power of positioning, with the understanding of the landscape, has paid them dividends in the form of substantial Profits! Scale this down and it will work in the exact same fashion for you. Understanding the products and moving parts of your dream business and it’s marketing landscape will equip you with an immeasurable advantage over your would be competition. So to recap: A good entrepreneurial plan involves knowing your vision completely and dedicating yourself to the success of this plan. While surveying the landscape you may find and opportunity to position yourself in that business immediately. Due to an innovative perspective that separates you from the pack. Whichever path you choose at your entrepreneurial beginning. Let your passion drive you, Your wisdom guide you and your never say die attitude lead you down the path of success. This path, although available to all and Pursued by many Is Traveled to its end by only the dedicated and determined few. We all pridefully call those few Entrepreneur!


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