When is a job absolutely necessary?

Posted: June 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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By: Skyler Johnstone

I will tell you when a job is not necessary, when you already have one. Most of you already have proven ways to make those sought after clams. Let me ask you this however, what is your opportunity cost and how much are you giving up in exchange. What is opportunity cost you might ask well not only do I have an article about it but I will tell you again. In economics functionality of the economical structure is broken down into two main categories, micro and macro-econ. I am sure I don’t have to differentiate between the two but opportunity cost is then used in both to weigh out what amount of money is a company saving by leaning towards one thing or another. It could be a product or just new piece of machinery that lowers overall production cost. In real life we view opportunity cost as our second best alternative. So alternatively to what we are doing now or for work, what else could we be doing to become more productive or more lucrative in most cases. Of course life is not about money but if you could be getting paid higher somewhere for doing less work wouldn’t you want to do that instead? Being an entrepreneur myself I do recognize I have a lot of free time but I am able to do what most dream of which is to diversify my time as efficiently as I deem fit.

Just like any investment portfolio and like all the top investors would say you have to diversify your time, money and profits after you make them. By putting all of your effort into one investment you are really limiting yourself. What would it take to do an extra day of research to secure your ideal position? For me I am still looking for that one product I can create that will make me successful but even then I am not going to stop there because I don’t want to limit myself. As far as being organized however I do suggest to stick with one project at a time not because it’s not possible to juggle two I just know from experience that it’s not easy at all.

Which brings me back to the original question. When is a job ABSOLUTELY necessary? My answer, never. Let me explain, there are plenty of skills we all poses that make us money, maybe painting fine art, sculpting, trimming hedges, or even a window washer like me. Either way we all know you have a little sum sum when it comes to making extra cheddar. So my REAL question to you is, if you know how to make money doing other things you enjoy then why continue to do the things you don’t?

Please leave your answers/comments in the area below and thank you for reading!

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