By: Skyler Johnstone- @el101skyler

I recently came up with this quote last quarter while trying to read and study for a midterm in my economics class but never really dove to far into its meaning for me and how I can explain it to others so here is a formal explanation with detailed how-to step by step guides to become a more proficient reader and how to retain the information you are learning.


1. By picking up a book or scrolling through the endless pages of news available to us on a daily basis we are not only… expanding our horizons of knowledge but constantly testing our abilities to physically preform the function of reading. It is said that 1/5 people in the world is illiterate or does not know how to read or write even a basic high school level. This being said is a very sad fact, my blog being about entrepreneurialism is a key product of hard work and determination including but not limited to knowing how to read and write. So the main concept I am trying to portray is that you should not undervalue the privileged it is to be able to read. By reading something new daily you can learn new words and broaden your knowledge about the world and whatever business it is you are trying to get into. There are resources available for every profession all it takes is a little bit of elbow grease so to speak. With my window washing business I literally practiced on neighbors windows and watched online videos until I picked up certain strokes that cut my work load nearly in half.

2. When you are reading your brain is in a completely different place. Innovation and creativity are flowing through you more naturally than any other part of your day. When I am reading, I am constantly writing down my new product ideas and thinking of things that need to be improved. It is not about reinventing the wheel but you can make a more proficient wheel that gets you better gas mileage, so to speak.

3. If you want to learn new skills you have to do one of two things, be taught it first hand or read your course material in school and retain it however you can. Lastly if you want to succeed you can falsify your resume to get a good job and puff it up beyond your own capabilities but again this being an entrepreneurship blog you have to realize that when you are your own boss you don’t have to have that piece of paper saying you have a bachelors/PhD or any of those things. Are they helpful? OF COURSE! For an entrepreneur he learns in a much different manner, school turns from a necessity to a source of personal enrichment. For me I love going to school not to just learn and gain a degree but to become a better leader. Like it or not when you become an entrepreneur there are unexpected responsibilities to your peers and employees looking up to you. You have to decide whether you would rather manage or unfortunately micro-manage in some managerial positions or lead and inspire your employees to instead of tell them what to do but rather guide your goals for the company. Leaders tend to be much more respected and an obvious jump in productivity level will be very apparent right away if those types of changes are made in an organization.


1.  The title is very self explanatory but let me go into a little further detail. By writing things you’ve learned down on paper or like myself via the internet, retention of the information goes through the roof. How does that teach however you are wondering? Well easy, I am sure you didn’t know you could start a window washing business with as little as $20 or that solitude can be a positive aspect of life, in fact building the best leaders who are more patient and collected than other dictators we can see in the world today. 

2. Anything you decide to write will eventually teach someone else a life lesson when you are dead and gone. Now, don’t mistake me as a pessimist because I am far from it but your words will be seen by someone and whatever was on your mind shall be reviewed and studied at some collegiate level or another. We may not think of ourselves as writers or teachers but could you disagree that we each have something we can teach our youth. Whether that be our own children or the young ones we see that need a little extra guidance in making important life decisions. Wouldn’t you agree that you wish you could have read a book from your grandparents about how to live life and make certain choices. We recognize that as people get older the much wiser they also become. It is sad that our most intelligent minds in the world are lost to sickness and death but it is up to us to pass on our own legacy.

3.  It may be a book, it may be poetry. Whatever you decide to write, let it be you. Don’t let your punctuation and flow distract your mind from the more important message you are trying to convey. Think about all the college books we have read or are reading now, someone wrote that. Has that information become more of a cornerstone in your life teaching you valuable life lessons or pertinent information you could not live without? Just to make note of before I get chastised, punctuation is very important  but if you are an artist then let your art flow. Try not to doctor it up just to look good because I have this theory about art and women for that matter. I always think art and women are so much more beautiful when they are more natural and organic, I’m not saying not to shave those sensitive areas but who needs all that extra make-up or shadowing for a piece of art, just make more. It looks beautiful the way it is and the world will enjoy it better the more natural it is. I mention women as well because well women are a thing of beauty as well and one of the most under paid and under valued resources humanity has to offer. So this is my one way of reaching out to my female readers and tell each and everyone of you that you are more capable than us guys so please break out of any type of timid shell you have been hiding under and make it happen already! And if you need my help, all you have to do is ask.

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Author of Entrepreneur Life 101

Author of Entrepreneur Life 101

“Read to succeed, write to teach”

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