Guest writer: Entrepreneurship in a Digital Age

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Being an entrepreneur means many different things to different people.  For me it means being able to take control of my life, my business, and follow my dreams.  Be that online, or in a real world marketplace.  Originally I started my first business, back in the 1980’s, to pursue my hobbies of dancing and costuming.  I was able to join with a partner and create a small business which provided dance costumes and soon branched out to include jewelry and other items.  I eventually sold out for personal reasons.  Later I also opened a janitorial service business, a desktop publishing and website design business, and eventually a sports equipment business owner found me and I was suddenly in manufacturing and sales of sports equipment.  Looking back it was quite a thrilling ride.

Today I concentrate on my hobby of writing for websites, my own and others.  This also includes blogging, social media and other online ventures.  Having been in both the virtual and real world there are a couple of tips I can share for would-be entrepreneurs out there interested in joining this club…

1.      Follow your interests.  It is probably the most overused yet vital tips you will hear.  Why?  By following your interests you bring a passion to the endeavor that is lacking otherwise.  If you are not passionate about what you are doing, you will soon lose interest. While I had several small businesses, they were not really my passion and while I made a success of them, and was able to sell out for a profit, I soon discovered that my passion was elsewhere and so my energy faltered.

2.      Energize yourself. In spite of the claims of quick incomes, a small business is demanding. Demands on your time, your energy, and again your passion, can often be one of the first things to discourage budding entrepreneurs.

3.      HAVE A PLAN.  Don’t rush into anything. Decide what you want to accomplish, set some goals. Without a plan you are doomed to falter, go off goal, or fail completely

Living and trying to work in the digital realm is one of the most confusing and confounding endeavors of our times. Technology is ever changing and what worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow, as you may have already seen.  But, there are some timeless strategies you can use to help you survive.

DO NOT fall for the myriad of ‘one click and get money fast’ scams you see clogging the internet search engines or your email box.  If you are on marketing lists, unsubscribe.  I have looked at most of them and can tell you they will only make those promoting the programs rich, not you. 

DO NOT put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.  If you have decided you want to be an affiliate, and simply sell the products of others, great.  You CAN make a decent living doing so, BUT, utilize as many different programs and companies as you can, not just Clickbank.  Through diversity and a variety of income streams you can realize your dreams.

DO your Due Diligence.  Check out the market place. Are you interested in gardening, for example?  Do you plan to sell advice in the form of electronic eBooks, and or products through different associations with manufactures or distributors?  You may find that the competition is enormous and no matter how wonderful your digital store is, it will pale in comparison to the giants.  BUT, perhaps you decide to specialize in some aspect of gardening. The more specific you can design your enterprise site, the better the chance of gaining the traffic that will support your efforts.

Lastly, always remember, your CUSTOMER is your FIRST priority.  Everything else will follow if you treat your customers fairly and respectfully.  Good luck.

At my site, Cagleonline , you can find a plethora of FREE informative materials, eBooks, and videos that can help you build your business or boost a slow business.  I am Barbara Cagle and I have been serving the internet community for over 20 years.

Thank you Barbra! Dear readers, please comment on what you think and be sure to visit Barbra’s page for help with your digital age questions. We are still accepting guest submissions if anyone is still interested send me your submission to Thanks for reading and have a great, productive and fruitful day!

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