Set realistic goals

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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    The title pretty much explains itself but some shoot for the stars, fail, and give up. Any successful entrepreneur can attest to the fact that when you fall off of a house you should not just get back on but try harder to stay on. Maybe that means tightening up your grip or not letting loose of the figurative reigns. If you run too loose of an operation things are bound to fail and fall through but by setting realistic goals for yourself and the company more people stand to succeed, yourself included. 

Realistic goals mean that you and your company will have something to be happy about more frequently. By setting smaller more realistic goals your company will grow and expand more rapidly because your employees have something to look forward too and work harder for. 

In lue of keeping this article short and too the point keep in mind goals and how they work. When setting a  goal you reach out for something that is attainable or even slightly unattainable so it will help you work harder yourself to attain it. The smaller the goal the better when running a business. No goal is too small to set thus most things are within grasp if all your smaller goals lead to a bigger purpose. 

Don’t forget to set goals for yourself and your company or it will be much harder to succeed. Without realistic goals however, your company is sure to have a much harder time growing and expanding to the company you wish it to be. 

 What do you think? What is the hardest part about being a business owner and how can those problems be dissolved? 


  1. Paula Schuler says:

    This is encouraging. Too often when I attend conferences, whether for tech or ethics or law updates or coaching, the push is to shoot for the moon with little advisement on how to be strategic or how to develop objectives. Thanks for the realistic perspective, a down to earth digestible approach in the middle of a world that tries to sell more than it actually tries to help people live well.

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