Cheaper is Better. Cheap is the new black.

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Cheap is the new black.

I have been saying it for years but it is about time I explain the reasoning behind my favorite thought – cheaper is better. What does it mean to be cheap? Buying single ply toilet paper? Store brand products over larger conglomerates? Or maybe you take it farther than me and collect sauces from restaurants for personal home use? How much farther can you honestly take being cheap and why does it matter?

The cheapest people you will ever meet are usually the richest people you will ever meet. There is reasoning behind my madness on this theory and this is it:… People who are cheap either have to be due to limited funds or want to be because they need their money for other things. At what point does the average citizen change from a middle-class-pay-for-everything-out-of-pocket American to a freegan (dumpster-diver)? Desperate times definitely call for desperate measures, sure, but if that middle-class American isn’t starving and can afford his food then why dumpster-dive in the first place?

My thinking is principal. For me if the food is good it is good, and where I receive it matters less than what is tastes like. So, by being cheap you open up your capital to diversification. From an entrepreneurs stand-point, capital is the most important key to success in most cases. I know anyone can get a job, but capital and a creative mind classifies you as a different smaller sub-group that really is the stimulus package the United States was not only created with, but desperately needs today. The world is constantly in need of a doer, someone who will not just try their project out but make something of it. I know I have mentioned it before but those mom and pop shops around the country really are the backbone of the economy because even the largest of animals and businesses, and people for that matter, all start out with the smallest of beginnings. We take a seed, plant it in the ground and a few years later we have the start of a large redwood that can reproduce and start a forest.

Our creative mind and business ideas are just like that small redwood seed. We may have a slow start and it may even seem as though our idea isn’t taking, but that’s the part of growing a forest. It takes one good seed to populate the entire forest and our idea and business can do just that. Do you honestly think McDonald’s grew to one of the biggest fast food restaurants in the world over night?

To fall back on the cheapest people/richest people comment think about the quote “ A penny saved is a penny earned”. Now add the relevance of today and inflation and think about it this way “ A dollar saved is a dollar earned.” If we can break free from how we look at prices we can actually start to save more and more. For example whether I go to the grocery store or out to eat at a fancy restaurant, I always ask for a discount. I know that a discount on the price is possible because I have trained my mind to realize that any price on any item tangible or intangible can be negotiated. So even if it is 10% off the bill if the bill is $100 that’s $10!! I can do a lot with $10 – don’t even get me started. 

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