Reader response #3 “What does entrepreneurship mean to you?”

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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By: Dhiran Shah.
Entrepreneurship to me is about constantly looking for problems / opportunities, finding them, building solutions, and making economic value out of it for self and those involved. It is a lifestyle where in one chooses to live a few years (often these are the struggle years) like no one else would choose to, so that he / she can live the way they want to at a later stage (once when he/she has realised the dream of creating a sustainable successful business) that others cant. Its about taking risks, sacrificing friends and family time (if you are in a job, you still able to maintain a good work life balance), constantly learning, listening, networking, looking for like minded  people…
 Dhiran, what a great submission! I never quite mention the sacrifices an entrepreneur has to make but sleep, hard work and smart thinking are all key points to being successful. Personally and I am sure everyone likes to work smart not hard but opening your mind to separate investments is where it all starts. Checks and balances applies very much to owning your own business so I strongly agree that we should apply that to our schedule. 
What do you think? What is entrepreneurship mean to you? I am still taking submissions for the next week to see how many people submit and in between there will be new submissions from myself but highlighting a totally new subject you are sure to enjoy reading and maybe even learn something from. Comments keep my world in balance so don’t be shy!!
  1. Terrific advice, Many thanks for sharing this top 10.

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