What is the best investment that you could ever invest into? Yourself! By starting your own business you invest more than money into your business but the most valuable resource known to man, your time.

No matter what it is you decide to invest into, the best investment is always yourself because in the end it is your money, your precious time, and your confidence level. There are great salesman out there that can sell you anything but DO NOT BE SOLD!! This is not the 1920’s, we no longer have slavery or indentured servants, so don’t be all gung ho to sign a contract you know absolutely nothing about because the salesman did his job. Invest into whatever you like but have confidence in that product and a firm knowledge in the product as well. Too many times we hear about these “great” multi-level marketing schemes, which really means “legal pyramid”. If you feel you can be successful within a pyramid have at it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

My perspective is this, who makes money off a pyramid? It is not you or me that’s for damn sure! The people at the top are the one’s really flourishing aren’t they? By starting your own business and investing into your product, your idea and your business YOU are at the top of command, you don’t have to peddle for 2 weeks before you see a return. With your own business you can see every cent and how it’s redistributed back into the business. You know within the first hour at times whether you have a good business concept or not. My window washing business was just that way, within the first hour I had already recouped all of my initial investment, and in the second hour I was already in the black (profit)! It is as easy at that, make an investment, put in the work, and receive the rich rewards. Not too mention how  awesome I felt after that too!

I say that the best investment is in yourself not because every single one of my readers will create and run their own business because I know that is not the case. Everyone makes investments everyday. By knowing ourselves and our purchasing power we can reconsider some of the offers on the table and better invest how we spend our money and time because by confident in your product your customer will recognize the value your product has to them as well and it is at that point when you make the sale.

So, get out there and search for your best investment but remember to have confidence in that product or you will never make a single sale. If it seems too good to be true it probably is.

I haven’t been getting too many comments, which makes me sad. I want to know if my information is useful for you guys or not. I am a big boy I can take some constructive criticism. Please comment and let me know what you think and why you like or dislike my blog. Thanks!!

  1. Moni says:

    I find your posts really motivating. I agree with your ideas … although I don’t have in mind to start my own business yet, I think that they are applicable for other purposes!

  2. Well thank you Moni!! I really enjoy getting user feedback and it means a lot when someone appreciates the work that I do to create these articles. I hope someone out there starts their own business because of me because then I can have a feeling of accomplishment too.

  3. John says:

    Have you ever heard (a dollar earned is a dollar saved) the reason I bring this up is that, a person like myself has work the 9-5 shift his entire life mind I’m not complaining just stating a point that it is very difficult to part with something (money) that may have taking a long time to accumulate. Your blog does have merit and a lot of good advice. Just scared of the unknowns, being your own boss, worrying about if my investment fails, can I really take the chance on losing all my money, and so on. Skyler just like your blog states, CAN I achieve something from nothing. That will be question that I will have to keep asking myself. Please don’t give up, you are being heard and one day people will talk about how you got your start.
    Thank you,

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  5. seo says:

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