Calling all investors. Are you ready to invest?

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It has been a while since I have had the time to write but thank you all for bearing with me. Everyone has their own ways to invest and make their money. Most of us have to either sell our time and knowledge or sell our product or service. We all sell something. Investing on the other hand is where random Joe’s go from the average Joe to the extraordinary Joe. What makes him extraordinary is that he made the right choices in his investments and became very successful. 

So what positions pay the most and are the most rewarding? What investments are really worth while and profitable? That is the ultimate question and here are the answers. Hedge fund operations have been netting the men and women managing them billions. Essentially if you want to make the most money you should go to school and learn how to handle other peoples money. Or on the contrary just like main-stream music. How do they become main-stream? Popularity. Every billion dollar business we see today didn’t just start out that way. Every business has a beginning and started out as a small business. Sure the likelihood of you creating a billion dollar business but a million dollar business isn’t anything to scoff at either.

You won’t know what kind of work or investment to make unless you try it. An investment should usually be an allotment of money you can stand to lose and not be completely broke. The way I like to do it is a 80/20 split. I take and pay the bills with the 80% or so and take my additional 20 percent and examine the best investments I can make with that money. On any investment personally that I make I like to make sure I am going to at least double my investment or come very close to it. By doubling the money on that investment I create more capital for myself and can essentially have more purchasing power as well.

Whether you invest into the stock market or any private venture capitalist opportunity be safe and careful. Everyone else in the world wants your money so just keep in mind what is in the best interest for you and how each party benefits. Remember too that if it seems too good to be true it probably is. I have lost money many times from being too trusting, but he fact that I am that trusting in the first place helps me network with a wider variety of people and is even financially satisfying as well. Be wise with your money and you can be as successful as you aim for. The only person stopping you is your own doubts and uncertainties. I live by a concrete rule that no matter how broke I get or if someone were to take everything I have that is totally fine because they can steal my money but not my knowledge. Keep in mind that the choices you make define who you are and the choice to go back to school even for a single class is always a good idea because it builds your wealth of knowledge.

  Lastly, networking is also a type of investing as well. We spend the most valuable resource in the world networking so we can find that right investment or opportunity that will pay out big. Our is so valuable in fact that most of the higher ups turn down the most amazing trips or opportunities because they get too busy with other things on how they are spending their time. I guess all I am trying to say is that if anyone give you the time of day, be thankful and invest your time wisely by seeking out every opportunity to network yourself, your product and or service.

Question and answer time- How do you network? What has worked for you and why? Any questions for me?


Thanks for reading! Enjoy!


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