College Students are Better Entrepreneurs

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

What makes college students better entrepreneurs? In a college students life they get used to living with less space, time and focus. Each student is slammed constantly with new homework assignments, parties study sessions. Partying doesn’t really get the college student too far except the opportunity of hanging out with possibly other prominent college minds. If you remember reading my post titled ” Your Face is Important” you will understand how socializing helps open up opportunities that you may not have been presented with. Without getting to plastered you can make friends with just the right people and be invited to start the next Microsoft if you are lucky. Even if it is not the next Microsoft or Google that you start as an entrepreneur the more you try the more chances you create for yourself to succeed. 

I was reading the other day about programs out there that pay college students to drop out of school to start their businesses. Why would you drop out if the reason you are going in the first place is to learn and grow? Well at one point in our lives we all experience an Epiphany where everything just comes together like pieces of a puzzle. All our life we learn tid bits of information, some faster than others. Everyday we learn something new it is stored in our personal database until one day that knowledge finally makes sense to us. Most of the time that is in college. In the life of a college student you are keeping your brain active and alive and you are stimulating that knowledge daily. The more you stimulate and add to that database of tid bits the more likely we all are to reach that break through point. Where we break the mold of a slacker or burger flipper and realize we can be the boss, we can tell so and so when to take a break and we CAN sip Coronas on the beach if we want too. 

What makes a college student? Do you have to be a certain age? NO! Any aged person can learn. Do you have to be able to drive? Nope, lots of students live on campus and even carpool, ride a bike or take the bus. Don’t let not driving make you think you are any less of a student because that also is not true. In fact if you think about all the money you save not driving you actually can afford hot meals instead of cereal and pop-tarts. By eating out you get to meet new people and make new friends. You see how the cycle continues on outside of being a student as well?

If I wanted to say anything at all in this article besides all the rambling it would be this. College students make the best entrepreneurs because they are not afraid of taking risks and going for it. They are used to keeping expenses low and make due with what they have. If any and all of you potential entrepreneurs out there apply these tips then you may also be like the smart college student who decides to drop out and make their dream a realization. Never drop out because it’s too hard or a pain because pain is just weakness leaving the body so think about how much mentally stronger you will become if you tough it through.

If you are not quite a student yet then go back and learn something new, every person younger then you is the deciding factor of the future you will become a part of. Maybe, just maybe you can change the future too be becoming more involved.





  1. Jan Simson says:

    I love almost all of your posts, Skyler, but this one is just a tad bit shaky for me.
    The concept of traditional higher education wasn’t built for the student’s mental development progress. It was built to prepare young people for the “market.” A college degree is a job certificate, a document that states that the student has been through years of schooling and is now ready to work for someone else and earn an income.
    I think the reason the world isn’t producing more Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg personalities is not because of the quality of traditional education. I mean, if schools were really that good, we’d be swimming in a sea of successful individuals such as Steve and Mark. However, the truth is that we aren’t. I believe that school is the reason why we aren’t because even business schools tell their students how to do business that will benefit the economy. It’s a one-way street. There isn’t much creativity left in a person after they’ve acquired their college degree because it has been eaten up by hours and hours of homework and the attendance of countless unnecessary lectures.
    Essentially, you’re correct. College students, on average, would be better in time management and efficiency, but their aspirations and motivations wouldn’t be the same as someone who isn’t attending college, because there aren’t any professors or teachers who are giving them the one-way street option. At first, all streets are open, but traditional education narrows it down to one.
    Nevertheless, I enjoyed this post. Keep them coming, man.

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