Driving home the other day from swing dancing I noticed how the familiarity of someone’s face has a direct effect on the recognition of the product we are offering. Even if that is us merely trying to have a good time. But in a business aspect we can see that the people we hang out with have a direct correlation with our own personal success. If you truly want to be successful it may be a good idea for you to hang out with other successful people. Don’t get me wrong a person can be successful in many different genres and stereotypes but if wealth be your aim you may want to ditch the 9-5er’s who are happy conforming.

Ok I know I have already stressed most of you out by calling you a conformist by having a 9-5 but look at it from my perspective. Without an entrepreneur to create that 9-5 then there would be no hiring process for your job. So with that knowledge, think about what you are making now and with a few extra minutes of your time you can easily calculate many of the expenses and costs of business without doing much at all. I just want you and all the people whom enjoy my blog to know just how simple it is to diversify in your funds and not even break a sweat turning a profit on your money. I keep my money flow to a $100 minimum at all times. I always make sure to have at least $100 because I know I can invest that $100 into something that will give me a higher return than my investment. The trick is finding something I can get for $50 that will give me another crispy $100 to keep that flow going. Money is such a fluid non-real asset that once someone finally figures out that money isn’t everything they are well into their 70’s or 80’s. Well I am here to tell you that I have come to this realization and because I am never worried about making money new opportunities come naturally. Being my own boss and a fellow entrepreneur I don’t have to be confident in a product I am trying to sell I have to be confident in myself because I am the product.

On a more broad scale you are the product. We all sell ourselves in one way or another so be confident in your product by being confident in yourself. You are the key to your own success, nothing is impossible. So being a product we also can look into how we market ourselves, what the market research IE “our friends and acquaintances” would say if questioned about us or our work ethic. How do we stand up in court so to speak, what is our tract record?

Why is our face so important? It is because we each market ourselves, who we hang out with and associate with plays a major role as to the opportunities that are presented to you. If you go out to dinner you never know who you may meet at the restaurant or on the way there. If you go social dancing like myself you also may meet people of the opposite sex you may be interested in and that in itself provides opportunities to meet their friends and have someone to dance with too! At least initially until you decide to promote your product somewhere else ha ha. Keep up the good work building your brand and promoting your product with all the tools that are available to you and never forget the biggest most important tool, word of mouth. If people like you they will talk about you and if they don’t they will also like you. Emotional intelligence is just as important as your IQ because it decides which social bracket you fit into. Your social bracket is a key to your success so choose wisely and diversify often. Like my post? Tell me about what you liked and why.

Nothing ever sways my day so even if its not the best, I will lose no rest over it so you mind as well submit it any way. What the hay huh? Leave a comment if you’re cool that is.

  1. I love your sense of humor! For me, being a 9-5er is stress enough, not being called one. Though it might be for someone who didn’t realize they were one. I know people who actually accept and enjoy limitations of the 9-5 lifestyle. Despite what I see as limitations, they view it as security….

    • If you want security as an entrepreneur, work harder ha ha. Not to tease but it’s true. Even there is no security you have to create your own job security but finding out how to maximize your profits to the fullest extent. Look further into how you are investing your money and find alternate ways to get things for cheaper. I have an article about to be submitted talking about just that so if you check back soon you will be able to read all about how to be cheap and succeed. Thank’s for the response!

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