What possibly could understanding the world around you have anything to do with Entrepreneur Life 101?

Recently a comment was posted on my blog about the business world around us and its ever so changing effects on society. We live in an internet crazed society that still has yet to distinguish the real problems going on in the world. How can that be? (PR) That’s how. Public Relations. Fortune 500 companies pay off and sort out every type of bad word spoken about them in the news or online via hired employees and entire teams of people keeping negative chatter to a bare minimum.

I am definitely not here to bash or talk down upon any fortune 500 company but I would like to make the facts known to the public through my blog. Here are the facts:

  1. No business should be large enough to not be able to fail.
  2. The same companies who drive down prices also drive out small businesses.
  3. Not all low prices carry out throughout the store.
  4. Even after a large retail store has been built the business doesn’t always stick around. Which leaves you with a small town with small business owners out of work and if the large retailer leaves you are left with an empty town.
  5. Low priced food comes at a high cost to a community.
  6. Small businesses employ more than half of all Americans (sba.gov)
  7. Small businesses hire about 43% high tech workers(Web designers, Scientists, Engineers ect)

I am by no means against big business but I do want you to know the facts before you make a purchase or decision to incorporate or become a larger business. Just from the facts alone we see that small business is good business if it is employing people, creating new jobs and supporting American families.

If you decide to start your own business remember your grass roots per say and keep things simple and humble. The more simple your product or design meets your customers needs the more sales you are bound to receive. If you are humble with your business people will also be able to tell that you care about your customers and employees by off

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