By: Skyler Johnstone

Most people invest nearly blind into their investments without doing any sort of research into their field before they support it. The world of investing is endless. You can invest into gold, stocks, tickets, businesses, personal ventures, the government or anything. There is so many ways to make money in the world it is almost funny how the blunt of our friends can’t even see past their front door step. If you gave me a $5 bill and an hour I can guarantee I could turn it into a $20 bill within at least an hour or less. How you might ask? Initiative. That’s how.  Taking the calculated time to weigh out all the possible $5 investments I have available to me and then line up a market in which I would like to advertise that product and try to find someone who either needs that product or convince someone they do.

BUT! You do not need seasoned sales experience to make a sale. The reason why is because their is always a buyer for any product. Most of the time the winner is in the negotiations, coming to a fair price that is agreeable to either party. Any item big or small or even a service has a priceless value until yourself and the buyer agree on a fair price or even trade. So realistically value can be created out of nothing but your time for any priced item or service the buyer spends on his product or service. For example, I have a buddy who traded web design for the repairs on his car to be fixed. No money changed hands yet his car was still able to be fixed. Personally I have even traded Disney Pins for Disneyland tickets!

Even the most inexperienced investor can become very successful with the smallest investment of time, money or a service. That small allotment of time, money or a service can be then traded for anything that you feel will make you a quick buck or even a longer term investment. So no matter how inexperienced you may feel as an investor just look at the risk and potential return and calculate whether the investment will be worth your time. If all it is is your time you are investing into an idea you mind as well see it through because even if you try and fail there is no way to succeed without first trying.

This brings me back to the main point it seems of my entire blog in which most people still have to be told daily. If you can not find a job then create one. Value can be created from completely nothing if you put the work in to sell yourself or product to any buyer who puts trust into the value of your product or service. Just like blogging people want good content for the best price. Previously I wrote about how people need to be entertained and free is a key ticket item when it comes to entertaining on the internet. People want something that will engage their senses and or fulfill their physical needs and desires. So if you can create a product or idea that fulfills a desire, need or engage peoples senses with your service then you are in the money so to speak. Being 21 I obviously play video games and not to quote Black Ops with the in the money quote but if you do just what the game has been designed to do then you are in the money physically. You have created a service that enthralls players or users and takes up their time. Anyone who has seen the movie “In Time” can recognize how realistic their major dilemma has been. Never have enough time. Today as a society we recognize that we are always busy with one thing or another and have the excuse that we don’t have enough time to get things done. Well I call the BS card on that notion. You are only as busy as you keep yourself and if you say you don’t have time, make time. Some things in life are more important than saving up for that new Xbox game or controller.

The truest most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who view their TIME as an investment. Like for example, the time it takes to volunteer for $100 owed to the Pierce County Court is 11 hours community service. Thus you are working 11 hours at close to $9 per hour. Now don’t get me wrong $9 an hour is fair but not enough to do much with. Not too mention the type or hard labor you would be doing at close to minimum wage. Now I don’t know about all of you guys but I sure wouldn’t want to work hard labor for only $9 an hour. I would find the same hard labor job on my own time, make the going rate of $13-15 per hour and then just pay the $100 ticket and have between $43-65 left over at the end of the day from the same 11 hours and be able to afford a meal and gas it took to get there in a work environment full of people who don’t dread being at their job. Not to mention that 11 hours of work at a hard labor job would also mean you are associating with a completely different crowd with which if manipulated correctly can be a great networking opportunity as well. In the end it is better to just take a court fee like a band aid and clean up your act. The main idea though is to never see an obstacle as really an obstacle at all. Just see a bill as a task and finances as a goal. You will either reach your future goals or you won’t. You will only reach your goals if you apply yourself and if you don’t apply yourself then you are relying on someone else and no one likes a sponge. Unless he lives in a pineapple under the sea, because we all like that guy!

What did you think of this article? Don’t be afraid, I am too optimistic to let any comment sway my day so leave one anyway!

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