How many strikes of genius have you had while you were distracted with your friends company and association? Realistically I answered the own question within another question but the point is none the less important.

If you are good at one thing or enjoy another the only time you can release your innovations is by allowing yourself time to think about that niche. A prime example of innovation in solitude is any and all writers. If you are a writer you know full well what I mean about needing to be alone to think and meditate on your thoughts. The only way humanity can teach each other new things is by communication. Whether that be in the form of a book, blog, article or personal conversation. We all took at least 10-15 years of schooling and how did we learn? Books, studying, performance and teacher instruction. We also learned a lot faster when we were alone as well didn’t we? Able to knuckle down and focus more maybe? Many people distract themselves daily with one form of communication or another but we are always learning. Constantly reading something different and new everyday that teaches us one thing or another on the daily.

How important is blogging? Pretty damn if you are actually learning something from it! The best thing to do if you want to enjoy solitude to the fullest extent possible is to use your free time teaching. Whether it is an article as long as this one or longer, people around the world enjoy good content. They want something that will either entertain or teach. It almost seems that there really is only 2 types of careers in the world. You are either a follower or a leader. Maybe even a teacher or an entertainer.

Let yourself be alone as much as you can handle and enjoy it to the fullest by sharing something new with a stranger.

Like this post? Well keep scrolling, there are plenty more that will do both, teach and entertain!!

Comments make me happy!

  1. I totally agree and I envy your writting style.

  2. Well thank you very much! I just finished this article today. I started it Monday but I was out swing dancing and got distracted. That really does mean a lot that you re-blogged my post too that is so awesome! I try to go through each post at least once and revise them from time to time. If you can think of and good articles or topic you would like to me to research and blog about I am more than willing to do so! Talk with you soon!

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