By: Skyler Johnstone

Within any business there many projects that need to be completed. Whether you are the CEO or just a hired hand there are many divisions of labor that break down inside the walls of any business. The best way to break down a project is by working together with whoever is providing the work for you or your manager. To be a successful entrepreneur you have to remember to thank whoever helps you along the way. In fact you should make it a personal policy to thank your employees or help at least twice for their work on any project. If you haven’t hired anyone before just remember that they are human just like you and have needs just like your own. Like yourself, each person has expectations and desires they would like to see fulfilled. Be honest from the beginning and even if you hire someone on a percentage or commission basis make sure to keep every detail open and on the table. Be truthful to the point that you have an open and truthful relationship with them at all times. Good workers are hard to come by. When deciding a fair price for your employees services remember to pay them well enough for their time but remember too that if you pay someone too much they may take on undue stress from a feeling of obligation to work harder to prove their worth. You never want to add too much to any individuals work load. By asking too much of any employee or partner it adds too much stress to that individual and their workmanship goes down. The way to get the most out of any employee or yourself is to find a sense of contentment in either there position or yours. The division of labor in any organization only operates as fast and as hard as your weakest link. The weakest link decides the pace of how every operation of that project will come to be. Whether an employee or partner is the weakest link, by paying them a decent salary or pay and commending them often there can be a fair and honest division of labor in any business you decide to operate or work for.

The only way to be successful in any start up business is to keep expenses low and know who you are sharing your idea with and be careful. Be careful to protect your idea, to trust your employees and most importantly trust in yourself and your success. No one can limit the amount of success we can achieve but our self and our own self interests and desires. The only people who can throttle your success are the people who don’t know what it takes and lack what it takes to be truly successful CONFIDENCE. You HAVE to be confident in one aspect or another or at bare minimum have confidence in your niche market you are desiring to become a part of. If you are reaching out to have any portion of the market-share or a piece of the pie be sure you have the right team to tackle any challenges you may encounter and be ready to back up your words with actions. Actions speak tenfold on words and with a good business plan and break down of the divisions of labor you can tackle any and every obstacle that may come your way.

Put simply, the division of labor completely fall onto YOU and how much work YOU want to do. Starting a business can be easy and can be one of the most difficult things you have done in your life BUT with the right division of labor into small manageable sub-projects anything and any amount of money is attainable if you stop reading this post and actually take your ideas into action!

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