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Entrepreneurs CAN bring us out of this crisis, but only if bureaucrats allow them to.

In December, Seattle (with State of WA cooperation) multiplied the number of rules, regulations, and laws already burdening Town Car and Limo operators. The various licensing and permit fees have ballooned to 6-8 times as much as last year’s. These new laws were passed in December 2011. Some took effect January 1st, others took effect February 1st. In every case, the affected owner / operators were notified of the changes weeks AFTER the new laws took effect.

In another bad example, the city also began charging $4 per hour for curbside parking, in many areas. In the International District, previously free parking is now $2.50 per hour from 6-8pm. Some 70 restaurants sent a letter to Seattle officials saying that their business has dropped as much as 50% because of it. Seattle basically plans to drag their feet, saying

Steve Jobs was an exemplary entrepreneur. He created new products that people wanted. He inspired his customers and his competitors alike. Many companies were born to create accessories to his wide-selling products. Thankfully, Apple didn’t get its start in a Seattle garage in 2011. It would be dead by 2013.

Big companies like Google and Microsoft aren’t as agile as they used to be. They create a lot of their innovations by acquiring smaller companies that are innovating. This process creates jobs locally and globally. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, small businesses created 90 percent of new jobs since ’89. The Kauffman Foundation says that, since 1980, young firms created virtually 100 percent of new jobs.

If bureaucrats see small business as an untapped source of new revenues, they will bleed us dry and drive us out of business. Then the anticipated revenues will evaporate, along with the jobs and economic vigor that only small businesses create.

If you are an entrepreneur, stay informed of what your local and state leaders are hatching. Make your voice heard. Create products and services in less regulated spaces, whenever possible. Reinvest your money in the people and businesses of your local community. And if they bureaucrats threaten your livelihood, then vote with your feet. Move to a friendlier city and / or state that understands the true value of a small business.

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