By: Skyler Johnstone

I recently received this as a comment on one of my articles and it got me thinking. Are entrepreneurs really what will bring us out of recession? Well let’s look at what an entrepreneur does with his or her time. Most entrepreneurs create a niche they feel will make them money and then make it happen by either borrowing money or investing their own. The local mom an pop shop invests into it’s ideas, spends money on advertising their idea, hires someone to design or create the product and then they instantly try selling their product. If there product is successful they will then hire people to build or renovate a property and open a store front.

I am sure you noticed it too. The local mom and pop store’s idea has done nothing but hire people and provide them with a job. All-be-it a temporary job, it is still a paying position that the local mom and pop shop has created with their idea and minimal funding. The mom and pop shop have created work for an extended time now and now with a successful business, you guessed it, it is now time to hire employees for their storefront to man the hours they can not handle.

Even if the couple fails they are entrepreneurs and will just think of the next idea and start facilitating that idea almost immediately. Case-in-point they will try and try again which not only means that they are providing work for a few people or companies at a time and thus are one of the largest active contributors into our not so thriving economy, but with more entrepreneurs we all could actually make a difference.

The question I will turn over to you the reader. Besides the multilevel management schemes and pyramids out there, it seems to me that a true entrepreneur can make a difference in supporting a thriving economy, what do you think? Will entrepreneurs around the country bring us out of recession? 

I enjoy reading all of your comments I just wish there were more of them grrr how to solve this problem??? Share with your friends already so they can comment too!

  1. Anthony Osborne says:

    As it stands, big business continues to swallow up the mom n’ pop operations that we learned to patron as children. The unfortunate part is that it is the consumers (us) that allow this to happen. What’s even worse is that we have little to no control over that decision. In a sense, its forced upon us. As an increasingly large group of people are learning to reconstruct their budgets to adjust to negative changes in household income, and as a result those people that have been affected by the economic downturn have less disposable income. Its that very disposable income that allows, per say, a family to choose the mom n’ pop eatery for dinner, whose costs are higher than that of a national chain because of the sheer buying power of the corporate dollar, versus the inexpensive, dollar-menu-driven Golden Arches or their competitors. Now imagine this same dilemma effecting all of the other financial decisions that this family makes. We choose Walmart because they promise that they buy cheaper than any competitor and want to push that product onto consumers at a price lower than anyone else. How can a small business compete with that kind of financial power? How can people who are financially battered turn down the opportunity to get the best value on the things they need to survive?

    Fact is that no logical person would degrade his or her own quality of life in order to patron the businesses and products that keep money with small businesses with the economy in its current state. To believe that small business will revive the economy is to also challenge the way that we think. Its about creating awareness at the grassroots level as to the practice of big business and how we hurt ourselves by allowing the few to proverbially rape the wallets of the public. Empowering people to make more informed, empathetic decisions will fix economies. Giving people the ability to spot and address the mega-monopolies that are no longer policed by our government will create growth. Cause lets face it, what genuine interest do you think your government has in looking out for your best interests? When our economy collapsed who came to Wall Street’s aid when they needed it the most? The U.S. government cranked out trillions of imaginary dollars and put them in the hands of the very corporations that just exposed themselves as being horrible managers of money. What would have happened if you walked into your local city hall and demanded a cabinet full of food? Would you have gotten the assistance you need? Government works more like a business now than a third party to look out for our best interests and defense, and it continuously meddles in the private sector to continue to funnel wealth into the pockets of the wealthy.

    You want to fix the economy? Teach people around you about how the world really works on a larger scale, and give them the tools to teach others as well. A socially conscious world where people care will fix all sorts of problems.

  2. Anthony- Wow let me tell you pleased I am to read your response to my blog. I have to admit that you are right in every way. I don’t think any business is too big to fail as the bail out has proved to think. The idea of being an entrepreneur is to take calculated risks and to learn and fail as many times as needed to be successful. You have definitely inspired me to write about just that, the inefficient knowledge of the world around us and how things need to be changed before real growth can occur. Hopefully you will read my article once it is finished and let me know what your feelings are on it as well as if any information may be lacking or needed to be added. Thanks again for your response and I hope you continue on enjoying my articles and leave excellent responses like this as well! Talk with you soon!

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