By: Skyler Johnstone

Not much description needs to be given on breaking even but the general idea is to sell enough of your product or service to level out to a point where your revenues align perfectly with your expenses. You are not profitable yet but on your very next sale you will be and that is only 1 customer away! If you take your business one day at a time the break even goal can be achieved in ease if you show your due diligence and never give up on your idea, service or product. The best salesman is the one who believes in his product and can tell people about it in a hassle-free manner. People enjoy a laid back salesperson because they know he/she is not trying to fill a quota or sales goal. The business is theirs and they don’t have to worry whether or not the sale is completed because he/she is confident someone else will also like the idea and purchase regardless.

Breaking even should be the first and only goal of your business to start off with. Obviously turning a profit is important but you can’t imagine the weight that is lifted off of your shoulders as an entrepreneur when you finally do break even and that explosion of excitement builds inside of you and at THAT POINT you realize you are now making a PROFIT on your idea and BAM!! That joy spreads like wildfire. They key thing to remember when this happens is to not hold back your joy but share it with others in your organization too. The more excited you become about your business the more your employees or friends will too!

So the question is, how do you break-even even in the early stages of your business? Keep your expenses low! How low you might ask? Well as low as humanly possible without breaking any law or lying to further your gain. Lying, cheating and stealing never gets you far in life and even the big wigs in corporate America get caught everyday so don’t think you are anything more special than an entrepreneur, because you’re not, you will NOT get away with it so don’t even try.  Being an entrepreneur and reader of this blog however does make you very special though, because you have taken your time to read this you are showing an active interest in wanting to better yourself and maybe start your own business. It is also possible you have your own business and are looking for a few new money-saving, or money-making ideas and that is what this is for as well!

Craigslist! If you haven’t seen, used or heard of it by now than you need to go check it out for yourself because you can literally find anything you possibly could need on there. Craigslist is one of the largest classifieds in the country and when I say anything I do mean anything is available for purchase on there. I have recently been emailing the creator of Craigslist, Mr. Craig Newmark himself and he is a very busy man who lives in San Fransisco, CA, where he works as a customer-service specialist and a lead Craigslist adviser. Craig has described himself as a techy nerd who doesn’t know or want to know how to run a large company like his has become, which is fine because he is still comfortable in is wages making $5 million a year from his design. Craig is said to have a net worth of over $400 million dollars, which would be much more if he hadn’t turned over the company to its new CEO Jim Buckmaster who has been on with Craigslist since 2001.

Why mention Craigslist you might ask? Well for starters it awesome. The main point though is that Craigslist will save, AND make you $$$money$$$!! How you might ask?

  • Post an ad looking for college students who need a place to intern( This means Free workers for you and your business!)
  • Down economy means cheap labors!! (I found movers for $10 an hour!)
  • Easy to use and private too!
  • With appealing ads, responses can be almost immediate (especially job ads!)
  • Well qualified employees can be found and sifted through (you have the power!)
  • Your ad will be seen! So thus advertising on Craigslist is also FREE! (Millions log on daily!)

First things first, if you decide to use the idea of hiring college students, don’t rip them off, they are already broke and don’t need any more stress in their schedule. Treat them fairly and even if they have to work for free, at least buy them a nice lunch, they will be more readily available to you if you give them some sort of incentive. School is hard enough, don’t ask them to perform brain surgery when they are going to school for nursing. There are many times you should be the understanding with students as well, finals, midterms and a general quiz, test or paper deadlines. Student’s have a lot on their plate and especially when they are getting closer to graduation the excitement to be done is there and their focus may lack as well so don’t blame them for being excited to jump start their careers. The main thing is though, student’s have to work for free at some establishment or another, Why not yours? Things you have to make sure of before you hire a student intern or apprentice is that your business is legitimate in every way, shape and form. If the student has any brains and you screw them over you will get sued so just pay attention to what you are doing and asking of them and all will go well.

Craigslist is Free to post and advertise Enough said.  Do research on advertising and Keep it simple! The more simply you state something the faster people will respond. Why jump through 100 hoops when if you tell people right away, they can respond right away?  For example, ” Free tickets to Brittney Spears”  Call blah blah blah to come get them. You know exactly what I am advertising and how to get a hold of me to come get your free tickets to Brittney Spears. The more simply you state something the less people have to read and Craigslist is not like wordpress where you have to blog about every little detail.

Well, keep up the good work everyone, continue to enjoy my posts about the business world and let me know what you think of my blog by liking, following or commenting and even an email would be appreciated to. Remember to keep your expenses low and your enjoyment and excitement high. It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile so do yourself a favor and take the easy way out and continue smiling and enjoying life. Don’t forget to laugh at least once a day!

Comment, Like, and Share. Please and Thank You!!

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