By: Skyler Johnstone

First of all thank you for taking your time to read my blog it means a lot! So, what is marketing? Well it is not what the definition says online that’s for sure. They describe marketing as the act of buying or selling, which is not correct. It may be in some ways, but for all intensive purposes we will say it is not. Marketing is the process of searching for and finding out the needs and wants of your customers. To do marketing research means to supply a product to a group of people and then ask them what they think of it. In the real world even if you are a window cleaner like I have been, just by asking their opinion on your work you are subconsciously marketing. By getting their response you are able to take that market research and adjust your business edge and hopefully get better at what you do adjust your product appropriately to meet those needs.

Most importantly, marketing is not used to look after what you as the seller are looking for but cares for what is important to your clients and potential clients. Many millions if not billions of dollars are spent on marketing every year because it really is what gives a company a competitive edge over their competitors. Marketing research provides you with new ideas, products, thoughts, comments and concerns of the product or service you are deciding to offer. For example, for those of you who ever paid attention in school and had to study for a test, how useful would have the highlighter with the post-it notes been to you? Think about it, they way 3M was able to find out the needs of students was to talk with them and see what their needs are as a student. For most students, they make sure the laptop is fully charged, the fridge is full of hot pockets and the highlighters are full of ink because without the basic essentials it is difficult to study and retain that information. With marketing even if 99 out 100 ideas fail it only takes ONE GOOD IDEA TO BE SUCCESSFUL!!

As a test of this theory, Quick! Take a look around in the room you are in, look for something small (no not your co-workers brain). Now think of the person who designed that small object, for me it is a bread tie because I just finished up breakfast. The man who invented the bread tie was George Hinson in 1923, he was a millionaire for the simplest of ideas. The only reason I knew that, by the way, is because I just looked it up. Now are you starting to grasp the concept though? It only takes one good idea to be very successful and as good ole George has displayed for us it is not that difficult to create something that will make you plenty of money to be content. So where does marketing stand with your idea? Well marketing has a proven way of almost always being right. Let me explain, when asking customers what they need or want, you obviously want to listen but don’t just take their word for it. Continue on asking all the way after you are starting to turn a profit on your idea or service to grow and adapt to the ever so changing needs of your customers. With the internet it can be a very slippery slope if you do not keep up with the newest technology and social media and social networks. You can date yourself and more importantly lose out on all of those precious impressions that are just waiting for you to catch up with and acquire.

Lastly, Social Media, Social Networks, Social Networking, Social Media/Network Advertising and Globalization! Who? Where and What are all of these things? Like it or not social networks are now a part of our everyday lives with billions of people logging on to their social network of choice and spending nearly an increasing exponential amount of time on those sites. People are downloading applications on their phones even to stay connected with what their friends around the world are saying on their pages. Well not to dive too terribly deep into the social media aspect of the internet, we still can not deny that advertising dollars can be well spent on a social networks page. BUT! Me being who I am, a money-saving-specialist, I say look for the alternative routes as well! For example this page, I have created this word press account and linked it to my twitter account #el101skyler and my Facebook page that can be found by searching Entrepreneur Life 101 or clicking here and even my Google+ account and email

Create many separate accounts like this for your own blog or business as well because when people search your name or email they will find your product or service simultaneously. Not to mention, THEY ARE FREE!!!!!! Free advertising is available like Facebook Pages and blogs, all you have to do is spend 10-20 minutes of your time and you are off and running!!! Did I mention they were free? So to summarize, if you are looking to be a millionaire, don’t stop dreaming because anything is possible if you do your market research and find the needs and wants of your customers if you are quick about it and get off your ass and take action you might be the one who fills that need or want and become very successful. Just remember that if you do read this blog and become successful don’t forget to take dear old Skyler out to lunch at least!

The only way more people will know about my blog is if you tell them about it…So click follow and share already, what are you waiting for?

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